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Balloon Delivery Service!

Our professional balloon designs will leave a lasting impression! 

We offer a variety of creative balloon designs & balloon gift arrangements.

Get inspired to create your most memorable occasion.

We cherish you and will make the event special and gorgeous!!!

It is what we guarantee and love.

Serving customers Las Vegas & Henderson + surrounding neighborhoods.


Our business is built on loving our clients and delivering the very best.   We decorate hotel rooms and suites on the fabulous Las Vegas strip.  We work 24/7 bringing clients special and unique custom items.  We will help design and execute something amazing just for your event or birthday. Ask for starter packages .

Call or text for a quick quote

(702) 788-8744 

Forget Something? ask about our convenient

  $8.00 pickup

 We will delivery extra stuff just to make your trip easy (pastries, Starbucks, flowers, liquor store items, snacks) 


Our work is currently being exhibited at schools, trade shows, weddings, bachelorette party suites, Club Houses, 5K charity runs, St Judes give -a way house, Retail stores like

Lululemon & St Laurent.  


Commission pieces, from a simple birthday bouquet to a BIG special event that just makes you feel like a kid again.


  (702) 788-8744 

July 2020 COVID-19 Update


Elephant Balloons only offers safe DELIVERY

Call or text for quotes/orders to (702) 788-8744

Hours for delivery 7 days a week as early as 5am

Due to the severe heat in Las Vegas we prefer to delivery from 5am-10am

in order to make sure we reduce popping.

If it is not possible please let us know and we will accommodate

 you the best we can.


There are times when we will resume delivery from 6pm-10pm

Scheduling is for the Months of July and August.  

We offer a quick response to all quotes & orders 24/7

It’s Vegas Baby and we know that some of you are night owls     


We practice safe drop off to your door to flatten the curve. 

We offer as always personal shopper pickups.


If you are not ready to order, but want to support our small family business

you can purchase a gift card for a future event. 


Thank you so much for your continued support!


“Life’s little Milestones deserve to be celebrated in these dark time, be the HERO and cheer someone up!” 

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Balloon Garland 
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Baby Packages & Showers 

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