Birthday Balloons

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by calling (702) 788-8744 



The Samples and Pricing is a Base, We do a lot of custom orders to fit clients budgets and demands so don't be shy if you have a price in mind.


Please understand that we have a World Wide Helium Shortage and this problem will only get worse and the prices will only sky rocket as the world helium is depleted. GOD is not making more land or helium these days. 


Things to know.... Same day deliveries may be available, if booked before 10am Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.


Thursday and Friday we usually can get an order fulfilled and delivered within 2 hours.


Saturday and Sunday -  do to high demand it is best to arrange delivery well in advance.  

You can Text 24/7 or call if you have an emergency.  We are open for deliveries, our team strives for on time perfect balloons!!!


Our 17" Helium Filled  Latex Balloons are our standard, they don't call us Elephant Balloons for nothing.  
We believe in BIG & Round. 
But it does come at a cost do to the shortage. Gone are the days of $1 balloons. Then again these Elephant Balloons are show stoppers and it is a special birthday so send out the
Call or Text for delivery date and cost (702) 788-8744
Number Marquee's start at $55

Number Balloons are all the rage but BIG Balloon Display with our fabulous Vegas 40" numbers are Over the Top Cool!!! Because of the helium issue we invented a better way to celebrate with Balloons.  These are air filled. (air does not float) Free standing sits 4ft high. 

Check out Instagram for up to date designs ... elephant.balloons 

1/2 Air filled / half Helium 

Jumbo Design - 9Ft Tall 6ft wide Starting $285

Monograming on 36" Mylar $26.50

Champagne anyone?? air filled $125 + (based on size)