Let us Decorate your Hotel Suite 

We bring the party to you!!! We offer 3 Packages and we can customize anthing to fit your Budget.

Package A - 4 Dozen 17" Celing Balloons  Plus a 12ft Chamge Bottle with Bubbles $300 incliude Free Delivery 

Package B - Number Marquee 4ft x 4ft, Six confetti Balloons + 2 dozen 17" Bouquets $425 includes Free Delivery 

Package C- Balloon Garland 20ft,  5 Dozen 17" Balloons (ceiling or bouquet) & two m,onogrammed 36" Mylar      balloons, $650

Extra Add ons - Confetti balloons

                              42" Helium Numbers 

                              42" Helium Letters 

                               Rose Pedals or Floral centerpices 

                               Floor Balloons

                The extra Love we give you.  We offer conceirge service for Pastries, Speciality Cakes, Gourmet Donuts

                                                                     Grocery Snacks, Liquior items, personal items.  Just about anything you              

                                                                      you may need except for a puppy or hookers 



Pricing Information

Delivery Fees For Las Vegas

Free Delivery - $0
Elephant Balloons Will Deliver In 89719 For Free!!

All Other Las Vegas Locations - $10-$30
All Deliveries To Places In The Greater Las Vegas Areas